Cool Wappsto:bit projects!

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Quiz Master🎲

It is time to up your quiz game to keep track of who was first and the score 🚥🧮🎯

Measure UV light🌞

It’s time to learn about UV light! 🌞
You probably know that too much sun is bad for you, and it is important to use sunscreen outside 🧴🏖️

Costumer counter🧮

Have you ever wondered how many customers are in the store 🧮 or how many people in a room?
Let’s use infrared sensors to keep track! 🎛️🚥

Remote Alarm Clock

Do you know someone who needs help to get up in the morning?🛌⏰⏲️
Let’s make a Wappsto controlled alarm clock! 🔊🚨

Candy Alarm🍭

It’s time to secure your precious belongings 🍭🍫🍬
with a drawer alarm!⏰