Wappsto:bit projects!







Liquid pH sensor

Want to measure how acidic/basic your water is with the Wappsto:bit? 

Trash monitor

Isn’t it annoying when a trash bin is overfilled? 🚮
Let’s change that and track when your trash bins need emptying with this trash bin monitoring project!

Reaction game 🎲

Who has the fastest reaction time? Battle it out with your friends and find out! 🎲🏆🏅

Noise detection🔊

How loud do your surroundings get and how often? 🔊📢🚨 it s time to find out with this Wappsto:bit sound sensor!

Indoor Climate

The SCD30 sensor is a very advanced sensor, that can measure Co2 level, temperature and humidity at the same time

Air pressure

In this project we will work with the BME280 sensor, that gives us a high quality data on the temperature, humidity and air pressure level.