Wappsto:bit projects!








By the end of this projects you will be able to measure the temperature in the room.


By the end of this project, you will be able to write to your micro:bit through the wappsto.com


By the end of this project, you will be able to see which button was pressed last.


By the end of this project, you will be able to see if the temperature is over 20 degrees by a smiley on the micro:bit.


 In this project, we mix all the other projects into this one.


Are you feeling happy, sad or funny? Let’s show it to the world through our micro:bit!


Are you sure your plants are not thirsty? 🌱
Let’s make sure they are not drying out with a soil moisture sensor program!

Air pressure

It’s time to learn about air pressure! 💨Did you know that air pressure changes based on height? ⛰️ Or that it plays a role in keeping planes in the air? 🛫

Remote Alarm Clock

Do you know someone who needs help to get up in the morning?🛌⏰⏲️
Let’s make a Wappsto controlled alarm clock! 🔊🚨

Candy Alarm🍭

It’s time to secure your precious belongings 🍭🍫🍬
with a drawer alarm!⏰

Quiz Master🎲

It is time to up your quiz game to keep track of who was first and the score 🚥🧮🎯

Measure UV light🌞

It’s time to learn about UV light! 🌞
You probably know that too much sun is bad for you, and it is important to use sunscreen outside 🧴🏖️

Costumer counter🧮

Have you ever wondered how many customers are in the store 🧮 or how many people in a room?
Let’s use infrared sensors to keep track! 🎛️🚥

Noise detection🔊

How loud do your surroundings get and how often? 🔊📢🚨 it s time to find out with this Wappsto:bit sound sensor!

Indoor Climate

The SCD30 sensor is a very advanced sensor, that can measure Co2 level, temperature and humidity at the same time

Air pressure

In this project we will work with the BME280 sensor, that gives us a high quality data on the temperature, humidity and air pressure level.

Liquid pH sensor

Want to measure how acidic/basic your water is with the Wappsto:bit? 

Trash monitor

Isn’t it annoying when a trash bin is overfilled? 🚮
Let’s change that and track when your trash bins need emptying with this trash bin monitoring project!

Reaction game 🎲

Who has the fastest reaction time? Battle it out with your friends and find out! 🎲🏆🏅