For Teachers

Wappsto:bit is an extension for the popular microcomputer BBC micro:bit that connects it to the Wappsto cloud.

Prepare students age 10+ for future success!

STEM, programming, data science and Internet of Things are now hands-on and Child’s Play.

Use Wappsto:bit to…

✅ Ensure high student engagement and build confidence with modern technology (Internet of Things) with hands-on projects

✅ Let students explore and work with their OWN real data, perfect supplement for STEM

✅ Teach programming and data science fundamentals

Spotlight: Air Quality Kit

Let your students take charge of the Air Quality in the classroom!

Use Wappsto:bit as a…

Smart Device
Measurement Instrument

Smart Device.

✅ Teach programming logics while making fun with projects that can be controlled through the internet.
✅ Talk about why it can make sense for some devices to the internet (And when it doesn’t)

What is this “Internet of Things” anyway, and why does a lawnmower and a fridge need to be connected to the internet?

Use Wappsto:bit as a Smart device to simulate real life smart products, for example a candy drawer alarm, remote alarm clock or much else.

Measurement Instrument

Take student engagement in STEM to the next level.
Let your students collect, visualize and analyse REAL data.

✅ Out of the box you can measure REAL data in real time:✅ Lots of external sensors available
So far we have good experience with sensors for:
🌡️ Temperature🌫️ Co2 level (PPM)
🔊 Sound level🛬 Air pressure (hPa)
💡 Light level (micro:bit V2 only)💦 Humidity (%)
🧭 Compass🍋 pH level
💨 Acceleration / Movement (XYZ)☀️ Ultraviolet light (UV)
📐 Orientation (XYZ)🌱 Soil moisture
🔄 Rotation (°)
🧲 Magnetic force (μT XYZ)


Sometimes there has to be space for fun and games!
Gamify your physics, PE or other lessons with Wappsto:bit!

✅ Wappsto:bit will keep track of your games, no cheating possible!
✅ Have fun with physics (Who can shake at 1,5G acceleration in fewewst attempts? Or who is fastest to reach a 90 degree rotation?)
✅ Integrate into physical exercise classes, for e.g. Running patterns!
✅ Play fun reaction games to see who is faster
✅ Use Wappsto:bit as your Quiz master

Advantages for Teachers

Easy to use

It’s for everyone, no previous experience needed!

Student management

Just a few clicks to generate and manage accounts for your students.

Free lesson plans

Make it easy to teach: print lessons to use directly in class, or use the project catalog.


Use for stand alone lessons or support for existing curriculum.

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