🎲 Reaction game

Project idea and code by: Torben Baunsø, microbit-i-skolen.dk 

Try this fun game with your friends to find out who has the fastest reaction time! 

Equipment needed for this project:

  • Gamemaster: 1 micro:bit in 1 Wappsto:bit with a power source (we recommend using Wi-Fi, as it ensures low latency)
  • Player A: 1 micro:bit with battery
  • Player B: 1 micro:bit with battery

Your equipment could look like this! ⬇️

Time to crack the code! Gamemaster code:

4 custom values:

  • Random number: the number players have to react on
  • Can receive number communication with other micro:bits
  • Point A & B: for keeping score!

3 functions:

  • Press A: Generate a number between 1-4 and send “Can receive number” = 1 to the controllers
  • Press A+B: Reset the score and controllers
  • On radio received: Check if player A or B sent input and if correct or not, then assign a point

Gamemaster code ⬇️

Controller code:

4 actions – only active when Gamemaster generates a new number

Button A: For number 1

Button B: For number 2

Tilt left: For number 3

Tilt right: For number 4

 It’s time to play!

Play directly from IoT devices on Wappsto.com or setup your own cool custom Dashboard!

Tip: Use Wappsto advanced setup blocks to setup a minimum and maximum value for the points, to show it neatly in the Gauge widget!

Challenge! – How will you improve the code? 

How would you add sounds to make the game more interactive? Could we add more actions? What about shaking and light?

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