🌿 Measure soil moisture!

Are you sure your plants are not thirsty? 🌾🌵🌱
Let’s make sure they are not drying out with a soil moisture sensor program!

Watch below how Heather used the Wappsto:bit with a soil moisture sensor, to track our outdoor bush, and again in the end of the project, when she analyzes the data she has gathered!

This is a 📗 Beginner project, if you find it too hard or too easy, you can always return to the projects overview and try another project 🙂

In this Wappsto:bit Academy project we will measure Soil Moisture, with an external sensor for micro:bit, connected to the Wappsto:bit!

The sensor will let you know how wet the plant’s soil is, and you can analyze if it needs more water!

You soil sensor could look like this:

And you would connect it to the Wappsto:bit like this:
Remember, it is important to turn off your Wappsto:bit entirly while connecting external accessories!
Otherwise you may accidentally break your sensor! You also need to keep the Sensor dry, only the perforated part is allowed to become moist! 

Alright, now that our sensor is connected, it’s time to program!

We will give our device a name and set up a custom number value for the soil moisture.

Then in the forever block we will read send an “Analog Read from P0” to read the sensor and send the data to Wappsto.
Throw in a pause, because we are not interested in A LOT of data!

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Wappsto.com view

Here you can see a “Blank Dashboard” with a “Line Chart” widget showing how the Soil Moisture has moved over time! You can clearly see when it is watered!

And since we are looking at the data! Lets see how Heather’s experiment and analysis went!

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