⏰Wake up a friend!

Do you know someone who needs help to get up in the morning?🛌⏰⏲️
Let’s make a Wappsto controlled alarm clock! 🔊🚨

Watch below how Heather helped Simon wake up in the morning, after he was mysteriously missing🤣😆 

This is a 📒 Skilled project, if you find it too hard or too easy, you can always return to the projects overview and try another project 🙂

In this Wappsto:bit Academy project we will build a remote controlled alarm clock, using the speaker on the micro:bit V2 (Sorry , this is only for V2 micro:bits!)

This alarm will make a lot of noise to wake up your friend and will also send you a message on Wappsto, when they de-activate the alarm!

In this project, we’ll be making a lot of noise!

We’ll need 3 things in our code

  • A way to start the alarm: Using the “on String Value “Start” Received from Wappsto” Turn on the alarm!
  • A way to deactivate the alarm: Are they awake enough to press A and B at the same time? If not send a string: “Stop” on Wappsto manually!
  • Feedback: Has there been a reaction? We will  send a “control value” when the alarm is started and turned off, so that we know our friend is awake!

So now the question is, who will you wake up? And what would you do to make the code even better?

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Wappsto APP view

From the Wappsto APP, you can see how we have written “Start” to wake up our friend, and they have de-activated it!

Wappsto.com view

From the Wappsto.com “IoT devices” view, you can see how we have written “Start” to wake up our friend, and they have de-activated it! Remember, nothing stops you from starting it again to be sure they are fully awake 🤭

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