⛅ OpenWeather,🐤 Twitter & 🧱Blocks!

Now that you’ve worked with Twitter and OpenWeather, let’s try to connect them, for a 100% cloud app, with no physical devices!

Connecting OpenWeather & Twitter in Blocks

Set up Blocks program!

1) Open/Create a project and give it a cool name.
2) In the left side, click Wappsto, then click Select Devices.
3) Choose the devices you wish to generate blocks for.
4) Grab the Temperature (from OpenWeather) block and the Temperature alarm (from Wappsto:bit) block, and a “Set value x to x” block from the Wappsto category
5) Grab a “If,do” block, and a x = x block from the Logic category
6) Grab a number block from the Math category.
7) Set up as follow:
On Value Change <Temperature> with <data> do:
If <data> does is less than <number 10>:
do Set value <Temperature alarm> to “Your alarm message!”
8) Press save in the top right corner and your Wapp is running, time to test it out!


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