🔊 Noise detection!

How loud do your surroundings get and how often? 🔊📢🚨 it s time to find out with this Wappsto:bit sound sensor! When we’re done, you set the level you consider loud, and let it works its magic 😁

You could put it up in your classroom, and bargain a reward with your teacher if there is only noise once in a day!

This is a  Expert project, if you find it too hard or too easy, you can always return to the projects overview and try another project 🙂

In this Wappsto:bit Academy project we will build a detector, using the sound sensor on the micro:bit

The program will keep count of how many times, sound level has exceeded the treshold.

We’ll be using 3 values:

  • Sound level: What is the current sound level?
  • Sound threshold: Decide what you consider a loud sound
  • Counter: How many times has the sound level been higher than the sound threshold?

Setting your sound threshold!

  • On the micro:bit: Press A and set to the current sound level.
  • Wappsto: Set the desired state for the sound threshold.

Now you are ready to rock and roll! What will you use this for and how would you improve the code?

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