FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reset my Wappsto:bit?

Resetting your Wappsto:bit, means removing it from Wappsto Cloud, the user account, and deleting the existing connectivity setup. The program running on your micro:bit will remain.

First, power on the Wappsto:bit.
Then, press the button called “Reset” found on the right side of the Wappsto:bit and hold. The Status LED will start blinking white, keep the button pressed down until the blinking stops.

The Wappsto:bit has been reset.

How do I switch between Wi-Fi and NB-IoT mode?

First, ensure you have a Wappsto:bit NB-IoT (+) that supports and a working NB-IoT-enabled SIM card.
Second, switch the position of the jumper (black plastic item) on the pin headers as shown in the images below.

1) NB-IoT mode (red and black pin)

2) Wi-Fi mode (yellow and red pin)

I don't see my Wappsto:bit in Devices Nearby in the Wappsto app

Make sure your Wappsto:bit is turned on and the Status LED lights up blue.

If the LED light is not on, try using a different power source.

If the LED is on but not blue, try resetting the device. You can find instructions in the FAQ.


When I scan my Wappsto:bit QR code, it says "You don't have permission to access this."

This is because your Wappsto:bit is linked to another Wappsto account.

To claim it with your account you need to reset your Wappsto:bit. You can find instructions in the FAQ.


Why am I not getting GPS data?

Make sure your device supports it. Only NB-IoT+ Wappsto:bits are equipped with GPS. 

Your Wappsto:bit may be located out of GPS reach. Try going outside for a least 60 seconds for the GPS to establish communication.

What LED colours mean?

LED indicator:
 Bluetooth on

– in Wi-Fi mode: Ready for Wi-Fi setup through the Wappsto mobile app
– in NB-IoT mode: Connecting

 Connected to Wappsto and ready for use
 Updating firmware (only possible in Wi-Fi mode)

Wappsto:bit specifications / datasheet
Why doesn't my sensor work

Keep in mind that some external sensors are 5V sensors, but the voltage provided form the Wappsto:bit is 3.3V, so you’ll need an alternative setup to power 5V sensors.


What is a free Wappsto account?

Your free Wappsto account gives you access to the Wappsto mobile app and wappsto.com site.
Your account is limited to a certain amount of devices and data usage, but it’s more than enough for personal projects.
Read more about Wappsto accounts and pricing here.

Remove Wappsto:bit from my user account without deleting connectivity setup.

To remove Wappsto:bit from your account, go to wappsto.com or Wappsto mobile app. Find the delete button in the Wappsto:bit menu settings.

This will remove it from your account and Wappsto Cloud without deleting connectivity settings (Wi-Fi or NB-IoT)

My data model is not loading correctly to Wappsto

If your micro:bit is inserted in your Wappsto:bit and both are powered, you might experience some difficulties.
This can arise because of a so-called ‘common ground’ issue. Just take your micro:bit out of the Wappsto:bit and try again and it should load just fine.