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The Little Scientist’s Tool for learning about modern technology.

Now kids aged 10+ can make their own internet-connected thermometer, noise sensor, candy-drawer alarm or even reaction game in just minutes.

While playing and having fun, develop skills in programming, data science and The Internet of Things.

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How it works!

Tell it what to do, with blocks

See your device come online, then make cool dashboards

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Have fun while developing important future skills


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What Others Say

Powerful little device

With an extension board called a Wappsto:bit you are able to see your data through a web browser, or through an app, from anywhere in the world. That means you can keep track of things like light level or temperature in a room wherever you are. Pretty cool, right?HannahYoutuber from @HannakMakes

Time to play around with some new tech!

“I love the idea of having self connectivity for some fun projects.”SteveVideo creator from @steveplusplus TikTok

Interesting teaching material

Anyone who is used to working with the micro:bit can get this board online in a few minutes with the help of the Wappsto:bit. Just click on an initial program and then enjoy a colorful dashboard – this is a smooth process thanks to the detailed (and partly in German) instructions on the Seluxit website.Heise.deLeading German news website for high-tech news

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